Roll out inspection system


AUTO TAPE GT02-01(Roll out inspection system)

208 2017.05.10


  ◆   The use of visual inspection, replace the visual inspection that is not stable (optional)

  ◆   The device is a fully automatic burner plug-in equipment for chip sticking (heat sealing), instead of artificial

  ◆   Support a variety of IC packaging of the Zhuan (heat sealing)

  ◆   Material bandwidth 8 ~ 32mm

  ◆   Optional self-adhesive or heat-sealed type

  ◆   Support ink print module, laser print module (optional)

  ◆   Simplified Chinese interface, simple operation


  ◆   Equipped with inspection module

  ◆   High flexibility, for different IC, adjust the light source and optical function, to achieve the best test

  ◆   Optional black and white camera or color camera

  ◆   Reduce the involvement of operating personnel, to maximize production capacity, quality optimization

  ◆   Secondary re-examination function


New generation of discharge device

  ◆   After the material is burned, it is placed directly into the tape, allowing the device to achieve the highest performance

  ◆   The marking device is at the front of the membrane of the machine so as not to affect the discharge of the equipment

  ◆   Ink printing can support RBI, digital, English letters a number of functions


  ◆   IC code is printed inspection(MARK)

  ◆   IC orientation test(Orientaion)

  ◆   IC marking quality inspection(Dot)

  ◆   IC pin test(Scan)

  ◆   Tape sealing test(Seal)

  ◆   Stacking test(Stack)

  ◆   Empty material detection(Empty)英文的产品规格

Support IC package type

All reel packaging

IC move the module

Servo stepper motor

Print module

Ink print module: single point (0.8mm ~ 2.0mm)

                           Single English (2mm ~ 3mm)

                           Single digit (2mm ~ 3mm)

Laser Print Module:

Image view

Phase device: camera: 1.3 million pixel camera

Air pressure source


power supply

Input voltage: 220 ~ 240VAC single phase

Input frequency: 50 ~ 60HZ

Rated power: 1.3KVA

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