GT-3000AP automatic burner


GT-3000AP Automatic burner

224 2017.04.17


  ◆   Mainly for large-capacity high-volume IC burning

  ◆   Equipped with 4 nozzle, the maximum capacity of 2600 UPH

  ◆   Can be equipped with 18 groups of burning core, the core of each operation independently, can also burn 72PCS

  ◆   High-precision hardware, with removable CCD, any part of the material to take the image travel to minimize

  ◆   Zero bad, zero-disc changer, zero downtime


  The new generation of GT-500AP models burn the core

  ◆   Support MCU / MPU, SPI Memory, NOR / NAND Flash, EEPROM, EMMC, Emcp and other IC

  ◆   EMMC device read and write speeds of up to 100MBytes / sec (beyond the current EMMC limit speed 5 times)

  ◆   Can carry 18 groups of burning core, the core group of independent operation

  ◆   Independent pin drive circuit, multiple burn each other does not interfere with the burning yield zero bad

  ◆    I / O support: Roll out, Roll into the disc, Roll out of the tube

                        Disk into the disk out,Plate rolled out,Disk into the tube out

                        Tube into the tube out,Tube into the volume,Tube into the disk out

The industry's first use of Tray dual track design, zero change disk time and authorized access to invention patents


  ◆    Accurate structural design, action difficulty, and perfect system parameters, mobile positioning, to ensure high-speed operation under the accuracy and accuracy, minimize travel, maximize production capacity


  ◆    Degree of analysis:X axis:±0.01mm,Y axis:±0.01mm,Z axis:±0.01mm

  ◆    Rotation axis resolution:⊙=0.15゜

  ◆    Take the accuracy:±0.01mm


  ◆    Image capturing means:Fixed CCD:1280×966 pixels.

  ◆    Imaging caliber:30mm×30mm

  ◆    Image accuracy:±0.01mm

  ◆    Image processing speed:~0.02sec/unit


  ◆    The industry's first intelligent system, abnormal automatic identification off, zero stop processing 

  ◆    Burn the project file, image settings, the location of a set of complete storage, transfer directly from the line

  ◆    Simplified / English interface, the user interface is simple


Number of burns

Burn the foot


Burning speed

Burn production capacity


Suction nozzle

4 Suction nozzle

Mobile system

Transmission system

Import high-precision ball screw and linear slide

Drive System

Import high-precision servo motor

Place precision



X/Y/Z   Mobile system

X/Y/Z axis:±0.01mm:U axis:0.15°


1.3 megapixels, the next CCD moves with the Y axis

Affect the processing speed


Access device

Plate mounted(Tray)

Double track Tray, zero change disk time, can also place OK disk, to be burned 20 each

Tray  RBI

Tray RBI, support numbers, English letters

band  Installed(Tape)

8-32MM material gun, which can carry two sets of guns at the same time

Automatic with equipment out of material, 8-44mm adjustable, automatic RBI, support RBI, digital

Tube Installed(Tube)

Choose 4-8 tube


NG disk

Change time

Change line

Modular operation, intelligent software call

Burn logo

Identify the way

Equipped with ink print module / laser logo (optional)

Burn quality

Throwing rate


Success rate


Burn information record

Automatic memory

Burn module

Burn count

Automatic memory

Module mode

Separate plug-in single-phase

Control System

power supply

220~240V   Simplex/50-60 Hz

Power consumption

2.5KW(Rated maximum power)

Gas source

0.6 MPa,45L/min

Machine size(W*D*H)

W1000 mm D1610 mm H1550 mm

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