Automatic feeding and discharging system


AUTO TRAY GT01-02(Automatic feeding and discharging system)

266 2017.05.10


The first use of dual-channel dual-track design and access to invention patents

  ◆   The device is fully automatic burner plug-in equipment for the chip handling, instead of artificial

  ◆   The device is a two-channel chip handling, achieve zero wait disc changer

  ◆   Carrying the disk size of 20, dual-channel asynchronous access, to achieve zero wait

  ◆   Support ink print module, laser print module (optional)

  ◆   Simplified Chinese interface, simple operation


A new generation of incoming and outgoing devices

  ◆   A piece of material after the end of burning, began to return material, another piece of material is ready, so that the host without waiting

  ◆   Marking the device in the back of the machine, so as not to affect the equipment into the material

  ◆   Ink printing can support RBI, digital, English letters a number of functions


  ◆   Accurate structural design, action accuracy, and improve the system parameters to ensure high-speed operation under the accuracy and accuracy, so that marking and laser printing more accurate, humane design so that the host to achieve zero wait


Support IC package type

TOSP, BGA, QFP, TQFP, SOP and so on

Number of access tray

1. Feeding plate number: 20 plates

2. The number of materials: 20 disk

Print module

Ink print module: single point (0.8mm ~ 2.0mm)

                           Single English (2mm ~ 3mm)

                           Single digit (2mm ~ 3mm)

Laser Print Module:

User interface

touch screen

Air pressure source


power supply

Input voltage: 220 ~ 240VAC single phase

Input frequency: 50 ~ 60HZ

Rated power: 1.3KVA


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